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What is CompTIA Server+?

What is CompTIA Server+
What is CompTIA Server+

CompTIA Server+ (or simply ‘Server+’) is an IT industry certification issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association. This certification is one of several they offer. It is intended for IT professionals who work in servers and related technologies like virtualization and cloud environments. This exam covers server configuration, troubleshooting and management, as well as security issues, disaster recovery and risk management.

This certification exam is globally recognized and used by many organizations to assess the abilities and monitor the skills of their IT staff.

This blog post will address the question of what CompTIA Server+ means and how it can be used to improve your IT career.

What’s CompTIA?

CompTIA stands to represent the Computing Technology Industry Association. It is a trade association that represents the IT industry in America. It offers certifications for technicians who work with software or hardware technologies.

CompTIA offers many exams to help you get certifications. They are all organized in different categories.

  • Core certifications include A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications.
  • Infrastructure certifications refer to the Linux+, Cloud+ and, as the title of this post suggests, the Server+.
  • The Cybersecurity group includes the CySA+ (Cybersecurity Analyst), PenTest+(Penetration Tester) and CASP++ (Advanced Security Practitioner).
  • Other Professional certifications are the Project+ and Cloud Essentials+.

CompTIA certifications and training are recognized in more than 180 countries. They’re a leader in the industry.

Server+ Skills

You must have the necessary skills to pass the CompTIA Server+ exam.

This certification is not for entry-level professionals. It requires some experience.

Networking experience and A+ certification are recommended. A general understanding of servers at the operating system level is required. This includes tasks such as configuring load order, configuring the display and modification of the operating system, and starting computer services.

These are the technical skills that you will acquire while preparing to take the Server+ exam:

  • Installation and management of server hardware for different types.
  • Installation and management of guest operating systems.
  • Configuring servers, managing the Server+ OS environment (configuring networking access and external data access), and troubleshooting problems with virtual servers or physical servers.
  • Server security can be managed by controlling network traffic and setting up remote login programs. This will ensure that your server is secure.
  • Server maintenance and troubleshooting involves monitoring server resources, backing data up, and updating software and firmware to support physical and virtual hardware. This includes checking the hard disk space and monitoring CPU load.
  • IT infrastructure management is all about managing risk. It is important to understand the potential risks to your organization and how they could affect it. This includes security risks, disaster recovery procedures, vulnerability in software and hardware, natural disasters like storms, power outages, cyberattacks, and understanding security threats.

Vendor-Neutral Certification

The Server+ exam is vendor-neutral, just like all CompTIA exams. It tests your knowledge of IT infrastructure concepts, not specific brands of servers.

This certification is not offered by vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle. Even if you are not employed by a company dealing with server technology, the Server+ exam can be taken. It’s a great way to increase your knowledge and skills.

Cyber security Career

CompTIA Server+ is a great option for IT professionals who are looking to change careers or want to start their own business. They don’t have to follow a specific brand and can use any configuration of servers that they need.

Server+ Exam Details

The CompTIA exam takes 90 minutes. Candidates must answer no more than 100 questions. For the latest Server+ release, the SK0-005, there are 90 questions.

There are two basic types of questions you’ll encounter: performance-based and multiple-choice.

Multiple-choice questions can be read comprehension questions. You’ll be asked to read a portion of a technical document, then answer a question. These tasks can be used to assess how the candidate would perform in a job environment. They could include hands-on simulations and configuring hardware.

On a scale from 100 to 900, the Server+ passing score is 750. The SK0-004 is available in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. At launch, the SK0-005 will only be available in English.

You must have at least two years’ experience in IT support roles. Server roles are preferable. A+ certification is required. Basic networking skills are also necessary.

What is the current status of the Server+ certification?

Server+’s previous version, the SK0-004 was released in 2015. It is considered outdated as many of the technologies it covers have been phased out. New technologies are also being added to the certification.

CompTIA’s SK0-005 is a more current and relevant CompTIA certification. It covers areas such as virtualization (VMware), cloud computing, and data center management. This certification is better for people looking to become certified. It covers current topics and has been updated with feedback by those who have taken the exam before and worked in IT environments.

You can choose to take the SK0-004, or the SK0-005 up until December 2021. After that date, the SK0-004 is no longer available.

If you are looking for a new certification, we recommend you concentrate on the SK0-005.


CompTIA Server+ covers hardware and software within an IT infrastructure environment.

The certification focuses on broad topics and is not restricted to any particular type of server technology. The vendor-neutral certification can be used by anyone. It doesn’t require brand loyalty and is therefore open to all IT professionals.

You are just starting your career, but you don’t have to be a complete beginner. The Server+ certification is a great choice. Before taking this exam, you should have at least basic networking knowledge and the A+ certification.