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What is CompTIA Network+?

What is CompTIA Network+
What is CompTIA Network+

It is a good idea to get a certification in IT. This certification can prove you are an expert in your field and lead to higher salaries and better job opportunities. You can also refresh your computer skills from time to time.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a popular one. It covers technical skills like network configuration, troubleshooting, security, security, and installation. This certification could be very useful if you’re looking for a job as a network analyst or computer technician.

About CompTIA

CompTIA stands for Computing Technology Industry Association. The Computing Technology Industry Association is a non-profit organization offering many certifications in the technology field, including Network+. CompTIA’s A+ certification is the most well-known. It focuses on software and hardware development, installation, and troubleshooting skills. This certification is highly sought after by entry-level IT professionals. The CompTIA core certs group includes both the Network+ and A+.

This organization also offers additional exams in network security and cybersecurity, cloud computing, data management, operating systems, and operating systems.

CompTIA claims that millions of IT professionals hold CompTIA certificates. These certificates are attractive to potential employers as they show a candidate’s commitment to the field and their self-improvement.

Skills That You Will Learn

CompTIA Network+ is all about computer networking technologies, so it’s not surprising. You will be able to distinguish between LAN (local areas networks) and WAN (wide area networks), and how to set up basic network devices. There are also different types of topologies including ring networks. Also, you will learn about IPvV addressing as well as subnetting. Internet connectivity topics include DNS (Domain Name System), DHCP [Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol], IPSec (“Internet Protocol Security”) and many more.

You will gain the essential knowledge by:

  • Infrastructure – Identification and activation of the physical network cabling.
  • Networking Concepts – Understanding the basics of network, including domains and protocols, and how to implement them.
  • Network Operations – Using best practices to maintain the network components, ensure business continuity and implement new policies.
  • Network Security – Understanding how to protect networks using firewalls, intrusion detection system (IDS), VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), as well as encryption methods like WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). You can identify network weaknesses and take steps to fix them.
  • Network Troubleshooting: Using the appropriate tools to troubleshoot and support network issues and improve connectivity and performance.

Network+ Exam Details

CompTIA updates its certification exams regularly, so you should be aware of this. Because the information technology industry is constantly changing, exam creators are forced to continuously update their certification exams with new knowledge and technologies.

Network+ is no exception. This CompTIA cert’s current version (N10-017) was last updated in March 2018. CompTIA exams last approximately three years. This means that you can expect the Network+ N10-007 version to retire in the late 2021 or early twenty22.

The exact exam objectives for the N10-008 version are still unknown. Experts don’t anticipate them changing much.

CompTIA’s retirement from the certification exam is not sudden. You will have six months to decide which test (007 or 008) you want to take. You still have plenty of time to prepare for the exam 007. These are the details of the exam you need to know:

  • Maximum number of questions allowed is 90
  • There are three types of questions: multiple-choice (single and multiple answers), performance-based and drag-and-drop questions.
  • The test takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • The scale of scoring is 100-900. CompTIA Network+ has a passing score of 720.
  • CompTIA certifications are available in English and Spanish as well as Japanese, Portuguese and Japanese.
  • Network+ is a mid-level certificate. CompTIA A+ certification and at least nine to twelve months experience in computer networking are recommended. This is not a requirement. Even if your networking experience is not sufficient, you can still take Network+. You might need to go over more material before you have a solid grasp of the material. It is still a good idea to have basic computer skills.

Vendor Neutral Exam

CompTIA training is job-role-based. It emphasizes specific knowledge and practical skills to ensure that the applicant is ready for employment.

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Network+ is therefore a vendor-neutral certification. The exam does not focus on one vendor, such as Cisco CCENT, Microsoft MTA/Networking Fundamentals and other vendor-specific certifications. This exam is focused on what you need to know about computer networking. It covers multiple solutions and products so that you can be familiar with them all.

This has the advantage that you don’t have to rely on one technology. CompTIA Network+ will prepare you for any type of product (hardware, software) that you may encounter. Potential employers will also find it a benefit, as they don’t have to worry about you knowing how to manage their network systems.


CompTIA, a world-recognized organization, certifies computer professionals in many subfields. The Network+ exam, which is industry-recognized, provides expert knowledge in computer networking.

Network+ certification holders will be able to build, troubleshoot, and design network configurations. You will be able use the basic concepts of computer networking as well as different software and hardware components that are related to it. Network+ is a vendor-neutral course, which means you won’t have to depend on any one manufacturer. You will learn how you can work with all manufacturers.

You will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam. It consists of 90 multiple-choice questions and performance-based ones. You can also drag and drop the questions.

CompTIA certification is more than enough to get you an entry-level position within this IT field. You could be a network administrator, technician, or network support specialist. You have the option to choose whether you wish to remain at this level or continue your education and climb the ladder of networking careers by passing more challenging CompTIA exams.