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What is the Information Technology Security and Administration (ITSA) Program?

What is the Information Technology Security & Administration (ITSA) Program
What is the Information Technology Security & Administration (ITSA) Program

Our Information Technology Security and Administration program (ITSA) prepares students for I.T. positions like Network Administration and I.T. Security and Helpdesk. They acquire core competencies and certifications which will allow them to launch a career in I.T. or change jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the market for information security professionals will increase by 32% between 2018-2028.

The ITSA program prepares you for 9 CompTIA, Microsoft and Linux certifications. These certifications are for support, networking, security and support. GED or High School diploma is required for this program. After completing this program, you will have knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Basic hardware installation
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Networking
  • Configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and security of information networks and computer systems
  • Analysis and design of security measures
  • Support for topology

The ITSA program prepares you for eight certifications in system security, support and networking.

  1. MTA Security Basics
  2. MTA Server Fundamentals
  3. MTA Networking Fundamentals
  4. CompTIA a+
  5. CompTIA Network+
  6. CompTIA Web Server+
  7. CompTIA Security+
  8. Linux Essentials – Linux Professional Institute

Jobs and Certifications Available Through the ITSA Program

MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) – I.T. Infrastructure

The MTA certifications offer MTA Networking and Security Fundamentals and could qualify you for jobs in:

Your MTA-based certifications can help you land a variety of jobs, including:

Network Administrator

Network administrators have specialized knowledge in different I.T.-based technologies but are primarily concerned with developing, installing, and deploying network systems. They are also responsible for managing information systems and incorporating various layers of cyber security into the designs to prevent or stop cyber-attacks.

You can get a management or administration job in any company or organization with the MTA certification.

I.T. Security Specialist

Once you have your MTA certification, security administration is a job that allows you to develop, implement, configure, and deploy different information and computer systems to your employer’s needs. You’ll also be responsible for security tasks such as installing firewalls and adding security layers to protect you from cyber-attackers.

CompTIA I.T. Certifications

You can pursue a career as a computer system administrator by earning the CompTIA certification.

  • Systems and Network Administrator
  • Network Installer
  • Network Technician
  • I.T. Security Specialist
  • I.T. Support Manager
  • I.T. Support Technician
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Helpdesk Technician
  • Field Service Technician

CompTIA certifications can help you land some great jobs.

Enterprise/Systems Architecture

I.T. CompTIA-certified professionals can get a job as system analysts, leading the implementation and design of new technologies within their companies. Anyone who works with partners (via the cloud) and relies on their network will need someone to ensure that the infrastructure is designed correctly. I.T. These CompTIA certifications are required for most architect positions.

Helpdesk support, services management

Nearly 30% of CompTIA-certified I.T. professionals have a career at the help desk. CompTIA A+ is the preferred credential for I.T. support and operational roles. It also serves as the foundation for your career in I.T. This area doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. Burning Glass Technologies reports that only 31% of I.T. job listings are available. Support network specialist (help desk) roles request a bachelor’s degree. CompTIA A+ certifications can give you a competitive edge.

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A help desk technician needs to have soft and technical skills. It would help if you were an excellent communicator to perform well in this position. You must be able, for example, to answer a user’s question and to explain the solution.

Security management

There are over 300,000 cybersecurity jobs available in the United States. Cyber Seek reports that there are approximately 314,000 open cyber security jobs in the United States. CompTIA certifications could help you land a job in cyber security, among other things.

To become security professionals, candidates should take the security certifications exams for CompTIA SySA+ and CASP+.

Linux Certification Training

This degree program opens many doors in the open-source world. It prepares you to manage open-source servers. Linux, an open-source operating system, is something you might already know. Linux is becoming more popular than macOS and Windows. Linux Certification will allow you to demonstrate your solid foundation and experience using Linux open-source platform. This certification will set you apart from other candidates and employers.

This certificate can only be obtained by you if:

  • Be able to comprehend the main components of the Linux operating system and to be able to work in its command line.
  • A basic understanding of security and administration topics such as the command line, user/group management and permissions.
  • Know the Linux and open-source industry and the most popular open-source applications.

You can build a solid foundation for a career in technology and open-source servers.

  • Network Engineer
  • System Administration
  • Server Administration

Information Technology Security and Administration (ITSA) is a program for individuals looking to start a new career in I.T. Get the certifications you need to move up or enter the industry. The I.T. industry offers many job opportunities. There are many job opportunities in the I.T. industry. Getting certified should be a priority for this career path.