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Don’t Get Scammed

Don’t Get Scammed
Don’t Get Scammed

Do Your Research Avoid being Scammed By “Worthless Reviews”

Imagine my shock when I saw a comment on our Facebook page that said, “A worthless education.” So I clicked into the profile of the author to find out more. It was a Duke University teacher, which shocked me. This is a fellow educator, someone who stands before a class of eager students every single day. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in education. He did not hesitate to dissuade potential students who were eager to make a difference in their lives by pursuing this path. What? !

After a brief moment of anger, I realized that this was coming from someone who has been ingrained in conventional wisdom and a traditional education. It is possible that he feels threatened by an alternative that challenges his status quo and helps thousands start rewarding careers in the workplace.

Although he is a professional college student, I am aware that he speaks from his limited experience and does not have real education.

So, I agree with his sentiment. Don’t be fooled! A four-year degree that isn’t tailored to your needs and costs a lot of money will not make you any more financially. For some people, a college education can be a great way to get into certain careers. It’s not right for everyone. It may not be right for you.

Accreditation: A measure for Success

Accreditation is one indicator. Like Duke University and other colleges, We answer specifically to the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. To retain their approval, they evaluate programs and practices against high performance standards. We must maintain a minimum 67% graduation percentage and have 70% of our graduates in IT-related positions. These standards are taken seriously. Losing accreditation could affect our students’ eligibility for vital financial aid such as Stafford Loans, PELL grants, and GI Bill (r). Moreover, most traditional universities and colleges are not held to the same standards.

But, is it right?

Only you can answer this question. They can be any person! To be successful, you don’t need to have a 4.0 GPA in high school or college. No previous IT experience is necessary. It is possible to be successful in a different career. You don’t have to be a high school graduate or great-grandparent. Yes, there have been students who were passionate about changing careers late in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you have a job full-time or not. Many of our students are parents and have to work while they attend school. Flexible scheduling is essential for them to be able to accomplish this. Our success stories transcend all lines of race, gender and religion.

Student Success = Student Outcomes

How can we measure student outcomes? This is a crucial question to ask when evaluating an educational institution. He would not have stated that Duke friend had done all of his research.

We will be focusing on the most important outcomes. Program completion and job placement. This indicates that the student in question completed the program and obtained an IT job. Because it’s close to Duke University, we’ll be focusing on the Raleigh Campus. The core program that almost all students complete is Information Technology Systems Administrator (ITSA). To accommodate students’ different schedules, we offer a 30-week option and a 42-week option. There will be Resident and Hybrid options. Hybrid can be done on-campus only, while Resident can be done anywhere on campus.

These numbers are representative of hundreds of students. The 2016 results will be locked in just a few short months after the year’s end. However, we place students in jobs every day so these numbers may not reflect all graduates.

Raleigh Campus ITSA Students Outcomes 2016

ITSA 30 Week Resident Program: 2016 Completion was 86.67%, and Placement was 95.00%

ITSA 42-Week Resident Program: The completion rate was 93.75%, and placement was 74.07% in 2016.

ITSA 30-Week Hybrid Program: 2016 Completion: 94.12%, and Placement: 79.63%

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ITSA 42-Week Hybrid Program: 2016 Completion Rate was 90.98%, and Placement Rate was 78.79%


People I have the privilege of working alongside are champions for education. All education. We do everything we can to help every student achieve their goals, make new dreams, and find success in whatever way they want.

On the first day of school, students make a promise to their parents. I’ve seen the promises these students make to their spouses, children, siblings, parents, and even to themselves. They are almost always focused on the future they want for themselves and their families. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our dreams become reality. It happens every day. Maybe our friend would be wise to talk to them about their “worthless education.”