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What Is Wardriving In Cyber Security?

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What Is Threat Modelling In Cyber Security

Wardriving is a term used to describe the practice of using an Internet-connected device to explore an area for potential security breaches. Many cyber security experts believe that wardriving can be a valuable tool in discovering potential threats and vulnerabilities in a network. In this article, we will provide you with an understanding of what wardriving is, how it can be used in cyber security, and some tips on how to best do it.

What Is Wardriving In Cyber Security?

Wardriving is the act of manually examining networks in search of vulnerable or accessible systems. While wardriving can be used for legitimate purposes, such as finding new vulnerabilities or validating security measures, it can also be used for criminal purposes, such as stealing data or hacking into systems.

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to wardrive a network. For example, a malicious actor might want to find vulnerable systems that they can exploit. Wardriving can also help security professionals identify potential security threats.

Unfortunately, wardriving can also be dangerous. By manually examining networks, an attacker could access sensitive information or compromise system security.

While wardriving is not always easy to do safely, it can be a valuable tool for security professionals.

The History of Wardriving

Wardriving is the act of exploring a network for vulnerabilities. The practice can be traced back to early days of hacking when individuals would probe networks for open ports, default passwords, and other security weaknesses. As technology has progressed, so too has wardriving – today’s hackers use tools like malware and social engineering to identify vulnerable systems. Wardriving can be used to identify systems that may be valuable targets or vulnerable to attack.

While wardriving is not new, its resurgence in cyber security awareness is. In recent years, hackers have used wardriving techniques as part of reconnaissance activities – looking for potential targets before launching an attack. Wardriving can also be used to test defenses and identify vulnerabilities.

If you are considering wardriving as part of your cyber security strategy, there are a few things you should consider:

  • What tools do you have at your disposal? Wardriving tools can include malware, scanners, and proxies.
  • How will you protect yourself while wardriving? Most hackers will try to blend in with the crowd, so it is important to stay anonymous and wear a mask if possible.

Different Types of Wardriving

Wardriving is a term used to describe the practice of enumerating networks or devices connected to a computer network. There are many different types of wardriving, which can be divided into passive and active techniques. Passive techniques include simply looking for open ports on devices, while active techniques involve installing software that allows you to access and control these devices.

How to do a Wardriving Scan?

Wardriving is the practice of scanning a network for vulnerable systems and devices. Wardriving is an important tool for cyber security professionals, as it allows them to identify potential targets for attack. There are several different methods for performing a wardriving scan, but the most basic approach is to use a network scanner to scan the entire network.

Another approach is to perform a targeted wardriving scan. This type of scan is designed to find specific systems and devices on the network. Finally, there is also a reconnaissance wardriving technique that is used to collect information about the network layout and architecture.


Wardriving is the act of driving around a targeted area, looking for wireless networks that are open and unprotected. Cybersecurity professionals use wardriving to discover unsecured networks that could be used by hackers to penetrate corporate systems or steal confidential information. Although there are risks associated with wardriving, it can also be an effective means of identifying vulnerable networks and protecting company assets.

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