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What is Online Learning Platforms?

What is Online Learning Platforms
What is Online Learning Platforms

An online learning platform, or webspace, is a portal that provides educational content and resources to students. It offers lectures, resources, chat, and opportunities to connect with other students. This is a great way for both the teacher and student to track student progress.

Online Learning Offers a Wide Range of Benefits:

  • You can work from your home with ease
  • Learning by yourself
  • Skills in critical, technical, and communication skills
  • Lower costs
  • Improve your time management skills and get more done

By 2022, the global elearning market will be worth $243 billion. The United States has seen a decline in college enrollment over the past decade. However, online student enrollment is on the rise for 14 consecutive years. The unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of all education systems around the globe and forced them to adopt some form of distance learning.

An online course can help you learn a language, or get career-advancing certificates . Online classes are typically offered through online learning platforms.

This blog will discuss the various online learning platforms available and how to choose one that suits you best.

Definition of an Online Learning Platform

As any other online platform, a learning portal is a webspace that offers a wealth of educational content and resources. You can divide this course content into various topics. It is usually uploaded by the instructor of the course or teacher depending on which institution you are signed up.

A membership can limit access to an e-learning platform. However, anyone can use it.

An online course platform has many advantages. Teachers and students can keep track of each other’s progress and everything is in one place. Students may also be able to interact with one another on the platform.

There are many types of online learning platforms.

  • Learning Destination Sites An LDS is a website where many course creators provide their learning materials. It works in a similar way to Amazon but for online education. You can pick the instructors and topics that appeal to you, and then sign up for a course tailored to your needs. LDS programs are usually self-paced.
  • Learning Management System: An LMS (Learning Management System) is software that’s used within an institution or organization. Based on the course type, every school or university might have a different LMS platform (the most common being Blackboard). You can access it online as an LDS or download an application to your computer.

In this instance, the creation of courses is in the hands and control of the professors or any other person who teaches in the institution or organization.

  • Learning Management Environments: A learning ecosystem is a comprehensive online learning platform that includes many software solutions such as adaptive learning engines and learning content management features. It also includes course authoring software, assessment tools, and tools for assessment. LMEs are typically reserved for schools and large companies that offer many online learning resources and degree programs.

How to Use an Online Learning Platform

An online training platform should not be any different from logging on to a social networking site. Sign up using a username, email, and password.

You may be able to view live lectures at certain times. You may have access to all of your course material, even if you don’t have live lectures at specific times. You can conduct live lectures through the course platform or organize them on another application like Zoom or Skype.

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Discuss the completion of assignments with your educator or professor. You can do this via the learning platform, video conferencing, email submissions, or any other method. It is likely that you will have deadlines for your coursework. However, it would not hurt to reach out to the instructor in case of any questions.

What are the best online learning opportunities?

Virtual classrooms are a great way to learn almost anything. Some programs require you to have practical skills. For example, you might need to learn how to become a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare worker. or a tradesperson. Online learning is the best way to acquire most of your theoretical knowledge.

The IT industry courses are the most popular. These include computer science and data science courses. These days digital marketing is a hot topic as are all types of management. There are many courses that can help you improve your soft skills. These skills include communication, leadership and teamwork.

You can also sign up online for an experience in learning to learn a new hobby such as digital painting, pottery or learning a new language.

You should keep in mind that not all programs offer a professional certificate. You may wish to obtain certification after completing a course if you plan to use your newly acquired skills or knowledge in a professional setting. These courses are usually not free.


The future of education is remote learning platforms. There will be an increase in students who want to learn online, even after the global crisis has passed.

Online learning offers a significant advantage: you can learn whatever you like! Online learning allows you to either advance your academic career, or learn something completely different. You can improve your soft skills and take the music or art production classes you have always wanted to.