Cyber security Career

The Army’s 17C Mos – Cyber Operations Specialist

Cyber Security Career

An Army Soldier who holds MOS 17C (cyber operations specialist) can become an excellent cyber operations specialist with the right mindset and training.

The Army plans on recruiting approximately 700 enlisted soldiers into its new MOS, in addition to 355 officers and 205 warrant officers as the foundation of its Cyber Branch.


A 17C mo is part of the Army Cyber Branch, responsible for offensive and defensive cyberspace operations to support military operations. To be considered for this career field requires intensive training and certifications; generally scoring 110 or 112 on ASVAB General Technical (GT) tests as well as 112 in Skilled Technical (ST). Furthermore, good eyesight as well as physical requirements must also be fulfilled to qualify.

The Army requires you to undergo an intensive background investigation and polygraph. This process may take months, so be prepared to answer questions about your past. This investigation includes interviewing you as well as family, neighbors and coworkers as well as reviewing personnel, financial and medical records. In addition, regular polygraph exams must also be passed before receiving the MOS 17C rating.

Although the Army’s 17C MOS requires stringent qualifications for qualification, it offers many incentives to soldiers enrolled. Chief among these incentives is a selective location selection retention bonus which ranges from $15,300 to $72,000 for top performers after 72 months in service; signing bonuses of $2,000 and an increase of $50 can also be received annually.

To apply for the 17C MOS, visit your local recruiting office and speak with a recruiter. At this meeting, they will administer a practice ASVAB test; ask some personal and security-related questions; conduct physical exam if needed and if approved sign your contract and complete SF Form 86: Application for (Top Secret) Security Clearance in advance and bring with them to MEPS.

The Army is encouraging enlisted soldiers from private to master sergeant ranks to reclassify as cyber operations specialists and join its Cyber Branch. This by-application specialty has stringent eligibility requirements administered by Fort Gordon, Georgia’s Cyber Branch proponent.


Are You Wanting to Join the Army’s Cyber Warrior Unit? Be Prepared! Before applying, enlist for five years with Top Secret clearance and take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test early with as high a score as possible on it – also consider searching out vocational schools offering computer programming courses which will give you all of the skills and training needed for passing military ASVAB test!

17C soldiers work in highly sensitive areas where all information regarding their job remains secret and classified, meaning nothing about what they do in the military can be revealed even to close family or friends. But those who can manage it can reap great rewards: up to $300 can be earned each month in special pay as a specialist or sergeant for their service.

In February, the Army unveiled the inaugural Advanced Individual Training (AIT) cyber course for enlisted soldiers with 17C MOS. This intensive 25-week AIT cyber course requires soldiers to arrive ready to learn in order to ensure success.

The Army intends to launch a Cyber AIT course in summer 2022. This training course aims to give enlisted soldiers all of the skills and knowledge they require for careers in cyber operations. Training will include practical exercises as well as team-building activities.

No one knows for certain exactly how many enlisted soldiers will be trained for this new position; it is expected to surpass current 17C specialists and sergeants in terms of numbers trained. According to Army plans, approximately 5,000 additional people should receive MOS training over three years.

Cyber security Career

U.S. Army Human Resources Command has unveiled the personnel transition strategy and procedures for reclassifying active-duty enlisted soldiers as MOS 17C cyber operations specialists, according to HRC. Enlisted soldiers with all required qualifications may request reclassification up until August 15. When completed, those eligible for promotion to sergeant first class or master sergeant may incur a three-year service obligation but won’t have to return their current enlistment bonus.

Career Opportunities

Whoever completes the course can apply for jobs within the Army. Internship opportunities exist within educational institutions across a spectrum from high school to graduate school that provide hands-on experience working for the Department of Defense; those meeting requirements successfully may then transition non-competitively into full-time employment within Army Civilian Corps.

Whoever doesn’t want to commit for 6 years can apply to be reclassified into MOS 17C. To do this, enroll as something other than MOS 17C such as cook or supply and then ask their branch division to reclassify you as cyber.


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