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Do Microsoft Certifications Expire?

How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exam
How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exam

Microsoft certifications are highly valued and can lead to more career opportunities. Microsoft certifications have been earned by thousands of IT professionals around the world and they continue to be a huge asset.

Are these Microsoft certifications valid for a year?

Microsoft has introduced new policies for renewing their certifications. This is what you can expect starting in June 2021.

Limited vs. Limited vs. Lifetime Certifications

Certain Microsoft certifications are non-expirable. You can never renew a Microsoft certification once you have obtained it. These certifications are valid for life.

  • Microsoft Fundamentals Certifications
  • MCSE
  • MCSD
  • MTA
  • MOS
  • MCSA
  • MCE

All Microsoft role-based certifications at the associate and expert levels, as well as specialty certificates, are no longer valid after they were obtained.

What does this all mean? This means that you must renew your Microsoft certifications every year if you want to maintain your skills and knowledge with Microsoft certifications.

This allows people who are interested in Microsoft technologies to always be on top of the most recent and significant developments. Employers can also benefit from having current employees who know the most recent and greatest.

June 2021 Changes

All Microsoft certifications that were newly obtained are only valid for one year after they were earned. You can keep your cert for two years if you have a certificate that was issued before this date.

Microsoft made this change due to the rapid development and evolution of cloud technology. Microsoft updated their policy to make sure IT professionals are up-to-date with new tech and developments in software management skills.

Renew your Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certs have a slightly different renewal process than CompTIA.

You will be notified by email when your certification is due to expire. This notification will instruct you to take an online renewal exam. This takes place approximately six months prior to expiration. To renew your certificate successfully, you must pass the assessment before your certification expires.

You will need to take the same certification exams as the first time you received the certificate if your cert expires without passing the renewal assessment.

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It is important to note that you can’t renew your Microsoft certification by passing another exam. This is true even if the exam is an updated version of one you passed. The only way to renew your Microsoft certificate is by passing the renewal assessment.

The same applies to associate-level certificates. If you renew an expert-level certificate and also have the corresponding associate level certificate, you don’t simultaneously renew the associate cert. You will need to pass assessments for each Microsoft certification if you wish to keep them both.

Renewal Fee

The best thing about Microsoft online renewal assessments? They are completely free. This is a great perk for people who want to improve their skills.

Assessment Attempts

You are eligible to take the online renewal assessment. However, you must pass it before your certificate expires. You can take the assessment again if you fail the first time.

If you have to repeat the procedure for the third or fourth time, it is important that you wait at least 24 hours before you attempt again.

It is not possible to renew a certificate if you aren’t eligible for the online renewal assessment (if the expiration date is more than six months away).

The Benefits of Renewing your Certification

It is very simple: if you don’t renew your MS certifications, they expire and you lose them. It will cost you everything that you have worked so hard for, as well as your time and money.

Suppose you don’t renew your MS certificates by the expiration date. If that happens, your MS certifications will be removed from the Microsoft Certification Center website’s list of active certificates. It is impossible to renew online.

You can also renew your certifications for other benefits, such as:

  • Staying current with the most recent technologies
  • Enhancing your employment possibilities
  • Increase your earning potential

Employers love candidates and employees who are dedicated to staying current with their skills. Employers love to see that you care about your professional career and future. This shows they are more than just a resume. Recent research revealed that 91% employers believe IT certifications are a reliable indicator of a successful employee.

If you are looking for work in IT, renewing your Microsoft certifications before expiry may be a good idea. It allows open communication of qualifications and credentials on LinkedIn profiles.

How to Prepare For Renewal Assessment

To make the MS renewal assessment easier, here are some things you can do.

Don’t wait too late. Otherwise, you could find yourself overwhelmed and rush through the assessment. This could cause mistakes. You should allow yourself enough time to complete the test.

You should ensure that you are familiar with the new skills and knowledge required to fulfill renewal requirements. Research the changes that have occurred since you last received your certificate. These may include new features or updates.

Don’t let failure discourage you. Keep in mind that you can keep trying until you succeed.


Some Microsoft certifications are non-expiring and can be renewed at any time. These certifications include MCSA, MCSD and MCE.

However, Microsoft certifications like the role-based at the associate and expert levels as well as specialty certifications need to be renewed annually.

All you have to do to renew your Microsoft certificate is pass a renewal exam. The renewal exam is available six months prior to the expiration date of your certificate. You can pass it before the expiration date and your certificate will be renewed for an additional year.