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What Is Threat Modelling In Cyber Security
What Is Threat Modelling In Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is an essential element of modern technology, and staying informed about any potential threats is imperative. YouTube provides a wealth of tutorials and resources for learning more about cybersecurity – an excellent source for continuous education on this topic!

This list features the top cybersecurity YouTube channels to help you become a more knowledgeable cyber security professional. From beginner tutorials to advanced material, these channels have something for everyone!

PC Security Channel

The PC Security Channel is a YouTube cybersecurity channel dedicated to helping people gain awareness and protection online. Since 2011, they’ve provided everything from anti-virus tests, reviews, cybersecurity news analysis and tutorials – making their channel one of the premier YouTube cybersecurity channels on this topic!

This channel is one of the most watched cybersecurity channels on YouTube, providing educational material in bite-size video clips suited for busy schedules.

TPSC also features product testing videos, which pit popular antivirus software against ransomware threats and other cyber threats. These tests can be both educational and entertaining if you want to see how different security products handle real-world malware samples.

OWASP offers another excellent cybersecurity YouTube channel, covering an array of web application security topics as well as recordings from its conferences.

As well as cybersecurity-related news and podcasts, the OWASP YouTube channel also covers events related to security as well as podcasts about security-related topics. It’s an excellent source for learning about current trends and issues within the security industry – plus it’s completely free.

The All Things Secured channel provides another excellent cybersecurity resource for non-technical people. This channel features tutorials and tips for protecting social media accounts, using password managers effectively and connecting to virtual private networks (VPN).

Malwarebytes How-tos YouTube channel provides an invaluable source of information on endpoint protection software use, with tutorials for the Malwarebytes anti-malware product as well as covering other computer and technology related topics.

The Developer YouTube channel features tutorials on various coding topics, including ethical hacking, Android app development and web development. It also hosts videos from well-known instructors such as Code With Harry and My Sirg.


Infosec refers to the field of information security. It encompasses many disciplines related to protecting data and systems against unauthorised use, as well as data classification, risk management and IT security.

NIST defines information security as the assurance that information is available, secure, and accurate.” In most businesses, infosec teams are charged with maintaining the integrity of information assets by creating policies and systems which restrict access only to authorized individuals.

Cyber security Career

Infosec can be an attainable subject to learn on one’s own, though formal education and training is often best. If you want to pursue cybersecurity as a profession, take at least one or more courses related to infosec.

Subscribe to cybersecurity-oriented YouTube channels as a great way of expanding your knowledge and protecting online privacy and security. These channels offer free tutorials and lessons on cyber security topics that can provide essential knowledge needed to protect yourself against online attacks.

PC Security Channel is an invaluable resource for users looking to protect their digital lives. It features tutorials on how to avoid malware and hacking attacks, protect identity online and secure social media accounts.

This video-based learning platform is an excellent solution for anyone seeking to expand their cybersecurity knowledge without dedicating a formal educational program to it. The videos produced here are highly-produced, easy to follow and include expert instructors that guide learners through its content.

LiveOverflow’s YouTube channel is an ideal starting point if you’re interested in cybersecurity. Here you will find content ranging from hacking tools and security awareness training programs, along with discussions among cybersecurity professionals and viewers.


YouTube is an important online space where communities come together to share knowledge on virtually every subject imaginable, from entertainment to education. YouTube hosts over one hundred million hours of video footage every day!

YouTube can be an excellent place to learn a new skill, including cyber security. YouTube features instructional videos and tutorials on an array of topics including cyber security.

Subscribing to cybersecurity YouTube channels is an excellent way to learn everything from basic cybersecurity principles to more advanced hacking techniques – without spending money! Subscribing is a fantastic way to educate yourself without spending.

LiveOverflow is an immensely popular hacking YouTube channel with over 300 videos that teach various IT security topics and host hacking competitions.

LiveOverflow, a German tech expert specializing in hacking and computer science topics, runs this channel. He makes videos covering everything from CTF tutorials and bug bounty videos to hardware security research.

He also has a series called Minecraft: Hacked which shows viewers how to hack into the game and is highly entertaining and educational on cyber security issues.

Seytonic is another fantastic channel dedicated to hacking, with videos focused on malware analysis and reverse engineering, hardware hacking and more – its content is both instructive and entertaining to watch!

Kitboga is a YouTuber known for creating videos focusing on scambaiting, in which he often poses as the victim. These videos offer an engaging way to learn more about cyber security and scams by showing how scammers trick victims into paying for things they don’t need or use scambait as an effective means to identify fraudulent businesses that try to pass themselves off as legitimate businesses.


YouTube is one of the premier video platforms, offering tutorials and content covering virtually every subject imaginable for free. Boasting over 23 million channels worldwide and 500 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it truly offers something no other platform can match.

Security-focused videos abound on YouTube. There are educational and informational videos covering tools, techniques and topics pertinent to cybersecurity.

Coursera, edX and Udemy also provide numerous cyber security training courses designed to give a more in-depth knowledge of cyber security topics. These structured programs can help provide an in-depth knowledge base of this topic area.

YouTube offers an informal way of learning cybersecurity; with many channels offering information from how to use a pen tester to ethical hacking techniques and Linux programs.

Richard David manages the 13Cubed YouTube channel, providing short 7-9-minute videos (Shorts) covering various cybersecurity topics and products. In addition, Richard offers tutorials for some unique cybersecurity tools like iLEAPP and Windows Forensics.

LiveOverflow is another YouTube channel specializing in hacking, reverse engineering and malware analysis that boasts over 390,000 subscribers and 1M videos.

STOK offers many excellent cybersecurity videos, specifically related to bug bounty. Their videos cover tips on how to earn money through bug bounties while they also have videos dedicated to live hack events.

The Cyber Mentor is owned and run by an expert hacker who enjoys teaching beginner hackers Linux programs and web application pen testing, as well as ethical hacking tips on becoming white hat hackers. He hosts podcasts where professionals in cybersecurity can come together and discuss relevant cybersecurity topics.


Cybersecurity YouTube channels can be an excellent way to learn more about cybersecurity and stay safe online. Offering quality, digestible content at no cost is appealing; but be wary when selecting one as a source.

Computerphile, established in 2009, is an established channel dedicated to teaching viewers all about computers and technology. Additionally, they provide fascinating insight into blockchain, game development, code testing, mobile app development, as well as blockchain testing services. Furthermore, its videos are both entertaining and highly educational!

Brady Haran owns this channel on YouTube, in addition to others dedicated to mathematics and physics. As an expert in cybersecurity, his content can provide useful insight for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in this area.

Hammond currently boasts more than 335,000 subscribers and 18 million views, having been making cybersecurity videos since 2011. Additionally, he regularly posts malware analysis tutorials and hacking guides.

LiveOverflow YouTube channel provides another excellent resource for budding hackers: web and CTF hacking as well as malware analysis are covered here. Although relatively new, with only several dozen videos up so far, its quality compensates for any shortcoming in quantity.

This channel explores cybersecurity like an investigative journalist or psychologist would. The content is engaging and covers everything from hackers, notable cyberattacks, security vulnerabilities in popular products, online privacy concerns and surveillance measures, all the way up to interesting trends that will keep viewers riveted to their seats.

This cybersecurity YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for both beginners and experts, and offers interviews with cybersecurity specialists, tutorials on protecting data, and advice to avoid cyber threats.