What Is The Salary For A Cyber Security Engineer?

What Is The Salary For A Cyber Security Engineer
What Is The Salary For A Cyber Security Engineer

Cybersecurity is a topic that is rapidly expanding, and for good reason. Increased attention is being drawn to the necessity for efficient cyber defenses — both for enterprises and for entire countries… as well as to the need for cybersecurity engineers and other professionals who will manage these defense systems. As a result, the need for cybersecurity engineers is higher than it has ever been, and it is only expected to grow much higher over the next decade.

What is the salary of a cyber security engineer?

In the actual world, what is the average wage for a cybersecurity engineer? A fast Google search may be able to provide the necessary information. You will, however, see amounts ranging from $78,368 to $210,000 on the first page of results. Wow. That’s a wide range of possibilities — and it’s likely not the most accurate.. Let’s go a little deeper into this.

The assumption of an average pay is quite deceptive. There are significant outliers in the data that cause the data to tilt wildly. Let’s face it: a cybersecurity engineer stationed in Charlotte, North Carolina, is not going to make anywhere near the salary of a cybersecurity expert based in San Francisco, California, for the same job description. Simply put, the costs of life don’t add up – period, end of storey.

Information Security Analysts and Data Center Technicians are examples of people with whom we’ve worked in the past. And we’re going to do it again, this time for Cybersecurity Engineers, who are currently one of the most in-demand IT security professions on the market, according to the latest data. So let’s start with some reasonable salaries and work our way up to earning those (relatively) large sums of money.

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Is cybersecurity engineering, on the other hand, a worthwhile profession? Is it something that anyone can gain access to? And how much do cybersecurity engineers make per hour, on average?

We’ll go through the responsibilities of a cybersecurity engineer and look at cybersecurity engineer salaries across the country in this article.

Salary of a cyber security engineer

City Low Average High
Fairfax, VA $138,000 $152,500 $167,000
Chicago, IL $122,000 $134,500 $147,000
New York, NY $138,000 $151,500 $165,000
Phoenix, AZ $118,000 $130,500 $143,000
Dallas, TX $117,000 $129,500 $142,000
San Jose, CA $157,000 $172,500 $188,000
Portland, OR $127,000 $139,500 $152,000
Seattle, WA $145,000 $160,000 $175,000
Albuquerque, NM $114,000 $126,000 $138,000
Council Bluffs, IA $115,000 $126,500 $138,000
Charlotte, NC $118,000 $130,500 $143,000
Atlanta, GA $112,000 $124,000 $136,000
Salt Lake City, UT $117,000 $129,000 $141,000

How much does cybersecurity engineers really make on hourly basis?

There are several elements that influence the earnings of cyber security engineers, including the industry, location, education, experience, job function and level. The following are some of the most important:

The starting wage for a cyber-security engineer is approximately $59K per year. According to the experience and level of knowledge of the professional, the remuneration ranges between $74,000 and $964,000 per year on average. An Indian cyber security engineer earns an average of 500,000–550,000 rupees per year, while the same income in Australia is between $120K and $140K.

The statistics listed above are subject to change based on demand and supply conditions. The pay rates for cyber security engineers are among the highest accessible in the information technology area, regardless of the range.

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Wrapping Up

A bright future awaits those who work in the field of cyber security, especially in today’s cyber-motivated world, where one organization is targeted by ransomware every 11 seconds, according to studies. Organizations, including businesses and governments, are constantly faced with the threat of cybercrime and data breaches; as a result, cyber security engineers have become a vital element of their organizations’ operations. Individuals that are motivated by technology and want to pursue a career in this field are in high demand.