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The Military Missions in Action Golf Tournament

The Military Missions in Action Golf Tournament
The Military Missions in Action Golf Tournament

The Military Missions in Action Golf Tournament

Military Missions – Your business’s success is determined by how you run it. However, working in a community and country that supports you helps a lot. Without the brave women and men who put their lives on the line for the protection and safety of all of us at home, no firm in America would be where it is today.

We believe in assisting and respecting our military personnel. It’s also why we offer veterans’ activities to our students and participated in the Military Missions in Action Golf Tournament in November. Here’s how we were able to express our gratitude for their efforts.

What time is the Troops Golf Classic’s tee-off?

Tee-Off for the Troops is an annual golf tournament that has been hosted in North Carolina for the past nine years. Over thirty private businesses participated in the event, which raised nearly $100,000 for veterans and military troops now serving overseas. It was a resounding success.

What role did MyComputerCareer play in the event?

It was a privilege for us to participate in this year’s event and do our part to help our veterans and military. This time, as a sponsorship event, we elected to sponsor the Score Board during the tournament, where our team’s name was shown.

There were four people on the MyCC Golf team. With Kevin Galati (VP of Campus Operations), Neal Ackerman (VP of Enrollment), and Josh Davis (Executive Director of Student Services) on his side, Darren Nelson (Executive Director of Compliance), the team captain and traditional representative in golf tournaments, led the way. The crew performed admirably, but most importantly, they had a terrific time for a good cause.

Many of our staff, in addition to our golf squad, participated in the event. They assisted in the organization of many areas of the event as volunteers to guarantee that all participants and visitors had a nice time.

Military Missions in the Field

MMA is a North Carolina-based nonprofit that helps and supports veterans and persons in the military in general. They raise awareness of veterans and their value to the community, as well as the sacrifices they made to protect our country, via events like the Tee-Off for the Troops. Please go to their website to learn more about the group and how you can get involved.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs owns the trademark GI Bill® (VA). More information regarding VA education benefits is available at, the official US government Web site.