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Is The CCNA Certification Worth It?

Is The CCNA Certification Worth It
Is The CCNA Certification Worth It

It’s no surprise that Cisco is the leader in networking. Cisco is a leader in network technology, including routing and switching. Cisco offers a certification called Cisco Certified Network Associate.

This Cisco-sponsored certification is for network engineers and covers security, switching technologies, routing protocols, and more. The CCNA credential was created to enhance, assess, and boost a person’s network expertise.

This certification certifies the holder’s ability install, maintain, secure and operate networks in an organization setting. The Cisco CCNA certification provides IT professionals with a solid understanding of basic networking concepts. This certification allows networking professionals to keep abreast of their knowledge and abilities. The certification will help the holder to advance their career, get promoted, and find new employment opportunities that pay higher wages.

Although the CCNA certification is worth it for the money and job opportunities it opens up, it’s not an easy task.

The benefits of CCNA certification

Cisco certified network associates can configure Cisco networks, manage Cisco hardware, and troubleshoot software issues. The many benefits of CCNA Certification are worth it. They can improve your skills and expand the career opportunities you have.

This will allow you to improve your Cisco networking skills, which will be a benefit for your career. This knowledge can be used to understand the intricate concepts involved in monitoring and fixing a network outage. After passing the CCNA exam, you will be able to grasp the basics of networking.

A single CCNA credential can help you gain access to multiple career opportunities. Once you pass the CCNA exam, you can negotiate a higher salary and earn more than other IT professionals applying for the same job.

The networking landscape is rapidly changing. Two new technologies are causing a lot of buzz: SDN (Software-defined Networking) and cloud. These technologies have opened up a wide range of job opportunities in the networking industry. The CCNA certification allows you to fill the void left by these technological advances in your field.

What are the Job Roles and Salary Opportunities for The CCNA-Certified?

Cisco-related technologies and Cisco systems have made Cisco certified professionals highly sought after. After completing the CCNA certification, you can apply for a variety of specialist roles, including information technology manager, information technology director and systems engineer.

Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA), validates a user’s network administration knowledge. The average salary for this degree is $80,000 annually.

Cisco-certified specialists are sought after by many employees because of their extensive knowledge with Cisco switches and routers. Cisco networking equipment is used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

According to the following are the average annual salaries of professionals with CCNA certificates, as of September 2021:

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Average Salary for a Position in the United States

  • IT Support Specialist – More than $53,000
  • Network Specialist – More than $64,000
  • Network administrator – More than $69,000
  • Network engineer – Over $85,000
  • Senior network engineer – Over $116,000

These are the top cities where you can get CCNA certification.

  • San Jose: $94,500
  • Washington D.C.
  • New York City: $75,000
  • Chicago: $72,500
  • Houston: $72,000
  • Dallas: $71,500
  • Atlanta: $68,500

Who should earn the CCNA certification?

Cisco certifications can be used by any Cisco professional at any level. Cisco created the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA), to help individuals who are interested in a career as a networker. If you are interested in a career transition into IT, the CCNA certification is a great starting point. Cisco certifications can open doors to new opportunities.

Cisco Certified Network Associate certification will give you the foundation to pursue additional Cisco certs such as CCNP or CCDP.

You don’t need to have any prior credentials to pass the CCNA exam. It is recommended that you have a basic knowledge of networking before starting the CCNA certification program. Cisco certifications are a good option if you already have IT knowledge and wish to work in the network industry.

What’s included in the CCNA Certification

Cisco established the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA), to set a standard for entry-level network professionals. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification validates your understanding of small-routed Cisco devices and supports troubleshooting. Cisco’s standard curriculum consists of two exams covering networking concepts, installation/troubleshooting skills, Cisco routing, and switching.

The CCNA certification covers a broad range of topics that are crucial to networking professionals. This Cisco certification covers the basics of networking and IP connectivity. As well as security basics and automation, programmability and programming.

Is CCNA Certification worth it?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), is one of the most highly-paid and sought-after certifications. The CCNA exam focuses on the network foundation of a company’s IT infrastructure. The Cisco-centric course for CCNA certification covers fundamental concepts like protocols and addressing, as well as essential skills in device operations and networking.

The credential also includes the latest network technologies such as Automation and programmability. CCNA-certified experts are able to configure and install Cisco routers and switches. Experts with CCNA certification can also understand Cisco’s enterprise networks, design functions in LAN/WAN (local/wide area networks), implement IP addressing schemes and troubleshoot between devices and data-link technology.

Cisco’s industry reputation is one of the greatest benefits of obtaining the CCNA credential. Cisco continues to improve its products and services. The popularity of Cisco is increasing, as well as its market share. When hiring for network job responsibilities, employers value Cisco credentials highly. This certificate will make a good impression on your resume. The Cisco CCNA certification will allow you to perform the following tasks.

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge of network basics, IP services and network security.
  • Demonstrates the hands-on learning activities
  • Get better job prospects and higher salaries.
  • Take control of your career and don’t be afraid.

How to Prepare for The CCNA Certification

Even though Cisco exams can be difficult, you don’t have to worry about getting the right Cisco CCNA Certification Training. Numerous Cisco courses will provide you with all the information and resources necessary to pass the exam the first time.

There are many ways to prepare for the CCNA examination:

Self-study Self study: Selfstudy includes books, videos and study guides. Practice questions are also available.

Instructor-led Training You can either take instructor CCNA online, or on-campus training in preparation for the CCNA certification examination. Or you can get direct help from networking professionals. You can grasp all concepts in depth with the instructor-led course.