Cyber security Career

3 Cyber Security Organizations You Need to Know About

Cyber Security Career

With cyber attacks causing $8 trillion of damages worldwide, cybersecurity companies are more important than ever in protecting organizations against the current and emerging tools and techniques employed by cybercriminals.

Darktrace uses artificial intelligence to identify and prevent sophisticated attacks, serving as an enterprise’s immune system. Their product portfolio includes UEBA, SIEM and security orchestration tools.

1. International Association of Cryptology Research

The International Association of Cryptologic Research is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of cryptology. Its membership comprises experts in all aspects of this discipline – from cryptography and cryptanalysis, through information security and network protection, and beyond. Activities undertaken by IACR include publishing the Journal of Cryptology as well as proceedings from conferences and workshops held throughout its membership base.

Cryptography is the practice of developing computation and communication systems that are secure against adversary attack, from online banking to smartphones or opening the door of your car. Cryptography plays an essential role in modern life from online banking to using smartphones or opening car doors – the IACR’s annual conferences, such as EUROCRYPT and ASIACRYPT provide a venue for showcasing original research results in all areas of modern information security; from cryptography, cryptanalysis (from information theoretic to complexity theoretic perspectives), implementation, applications or standards issues relating to information security research results presented from all disciplines involved.

IACR sponsors various summer schools and is responsible for publishing its journal as well as conference volumes of CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, FSE, CHES, PKC and TCC (Cryptography Hardware and Embedded Systems). Furthermore, they host an ePrint Archive through Springer that serves Cryptology researchers worldwide.

2. Infragard

InfraGard is an alliance between the FBI and critical infrastructure stakeholders that aims to facilitate seamless public-private coordination for faster exchange of relevant information for CIKR defense. Comprised of thousands of vetted members nationwide ranging from business executives and entrepreneurs, to lawyers, military officials, security personnel, computer professionals, academia as well as state and local law enforcement officers all dedicated to contributing industry insight that advances national security.

To join InfraGard, applicants must agree to a confidentiality agreement and go through an intensive membership vetting process that includes background checks for employment history, criminal records, driver’s license applications, citizenship records, citizenship status and security-related databases. Once accepted into membership, members will be assigned to an InfraGard Chapter that is associated with an FBI field office in their region; each Chapter conducts local meetings specifically related to that region.

KrebsOnSecurity recently reported that an InfraGard member’s personal information had been leaked via their messaging portal, though thankfully not including Social Security numbers or dates of birth – those details had been left blank in order for an investigation by the FBI to continue uninterrupted.

3. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

As the world’s premier anti-fraud organization, ACFE is dedicated to upholding high standards in fraud examination practices. They do this by mandating CFE certification for professionals who meet educational and professional criteria as well as those who take and pass the CFE Exam.

Acquiring the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential can be an excellent way to advance your career as an anti-fraud professional and demonstrate your expertise across industries globally. The designation has helped many individuals advance their careers.

The ACFE provides several programs tailored specifically for organizations, law enforcement agencies and government entities seeking to incorporate anti-fraud initiatives and training for employees into their teams and operations. One such program, Law Enforcement and Government Alliance provides premier training tools and the latest best practices specifically targeted to law enforcement agencies and government entities.

Subscribing as a student member will give you access to many benefits designed to advance your anti-fraud investigation and prevention career. With special discounts for the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) exam and access to student resources as well as tailored career support from our anti-fraud experts, becoming a student member will help your progress along this journey.

Cyber security Career